Welcome for nice and safe holidays to Heikki’s Cottage

Heikki’s Cottage — a typical Finnish farm re-harnessed for the pleasure of travellers and turists — is situated on the west coast of Finland, in south Pohjanmaa in Töysä
commune at the beach of a small lake called Akkojärvi – in a traditional Finnish landscape.
There are good driving connections to Heikki’s Cottage. The beautiful historical landscape is from the beginning of the 20th century.

Heikki’s Cottage serves you the year around. You may come for a day or two, or perhaps for a longer time, you will enjoy experiencing the natural, close-to-nature habits and routines of a real Finnish farm.

At Heikki’s Cottage you can see how the works go on at the normal day routines, learn to know the animals, enjoy rowing in the lake, enjoy the original Finnish sauna in its most traditional form, swim in the lake and enjoy the clean nature.

Heikki’s Cottage is also an exellent holidayplace for families with children; you can enjoy your holidays in a beautiful and safe environment.

At Heikki’s Farm you can live in a recently built (2000) Pohjanmaa style house with full accommodations and sauna. There are three 4-person rooms and one 2-person room.

”Akkala” is a building built in the southern Pohjanmaa style in the 19th century. It has sufficient room for a 6-member family. The surroundings around the house are idyllic.

Our ”Kangas” Cottage is situated on the beach of the clearwatered lake called Valkeinen. This cottage can accommodate up to 8 persons.

A vacation in the country surroundings of Heikki’s Cottage offers you all the best for a family. It will fill you holidays with fun and unforgettable experiences. Interesting activity and entertainment is available from early morning to late evening.

A succesfull vacation consists not only of beautiful nature and activities;
Good food and pleasant quarters will crown your holidays.

Welcome to more pleasant holidays to Heikki’s Cottage – in the heart of Finland.

Helsinki – 350 km
Jyväskylä – 160 km
Tampere – 200 km
Seinäjoki – 80 km

Ähtäri animalpark – 35 km
Töysä centre – 20 km

Contacts – reservations (preferably in English):


Heikin Tupa –
Heikki’s Cottage
Lehtimäentie 1147
FIN-63640 Ritola, Töysä
Mobile: +358 400 861176, +358 500 861176
Email: hepelepo@kuusnetikka.fi